Fake Paparazzi, Events, Wedding and Engagement photography

Our method: we offer a free initial consultation so that we may best understand your requirements and ensure that what we do gives you the best results. Also, in this way we can decide together on a tailored approach which will ensure that we are carrying through your vision.  Our fake paparazzi are highly experienced in this demanding type of photography and we are always on site personally to supervise each event.

We use state-of-the-art professional DSLR cameras, dressed up to resemble, as far as possible, the cameras of old while producing exceptional results.


Mel Has worked as a director, performer and advisor on a whole range of events.  He created and directed the show for the 140th anniversary of the Café royal. He was a performer in the award winning comedy illusion show, The Men in Coats. He regularly performs close up magic skills at corporate functions and weddings.


Chas  has been working as a professional photographer for the last 15 years. He recently worked on model and hotel shoots in America, Nepal, Spain, Malaysia and South Africa.

He has worked as an entertainer for the last 5 years specialising in clowning. He has been one of the main clowns at Harrods every Christmas entertaining the crowds at the Grotto.

He is also a computer expert with a focus on the Macintosh Computer system. Providing The Pressmen with a wide range of technical possibilities at events. He has been on the board of the London Macintosh User Group for many years now playing a promenent role.

Also as an aside he helps out at the cycling workshop in Hackney